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Disasters aren’t so disastrous with CwCastle

The average annual cost of server downtime ranges anywhere from $60,000 to$400,000 depending on your industry (with financial firms climbing to nearly $10 million). Excluding the loss in revenue, downed servers compromise customer relationships, muddy reputations, and run serious compliance risks. Fortunately, cloud recovery isn’t just for Fortune 500 companies. Today, small businesses and global enterprises can both access effective and affordable disaster recovery services without sacrificing key funds. 

By turning to a cloud vendor for their backup and disaster recovery needs, organizations are implementing a scalable, accessible, and affordable solution that limits downtime and assumes no data is lost. Learn more about the new simplicity of disaster recovery and Azure Backup in these great resources: 

  • Disaster recovery to the cloud Is becoming effective, affordable, and easy

  • Azure site recovery: Automated VM provisioning and failover

  • The cloud: The great equalizer for business continuity

When it comes to data loss, simply being prepared is the only solution.

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