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Technical Expertise

Get Reliable Technical Expertise You Can Depend On, With Our networking specialists

Our networking specialists offer the best in IT services, helping you make the most of your technology investments.

We specialize in a wide range of technologies and make sure you are up to date with the best solutions and services on the market. Helps you leverage your technology to work for you, making your company more efficient and profitable than ever before.

You’re an expert in your field – we’re experts in ours. Our team of IT professionals has the experience and in-depth knowledge in the following areas.


  • Wireless Networks: Our team has experience in setting up wireless network systems in anything from schools, to manufacturers to stadiums. We partner with Wireless like ‎Ubiquiti Networks and Ruckus to provide our clients with the best in wireless network services.


  • Virtualization: We specialize in server virtualization and server consolidation, saving you money on equipment, cooling costs, space and providing better business continuity. We are able to do this through our partnership with VMware Enterprise.


  • Video Surveillance: Our team can help you secure your environment with cameras that provide useful, high-quality video footage, unlike the grainy images you see on the news.


  • Microsoft Exchange and SQL Servers: Networking Specialists’ team is experienced with both Microsoft SQL and Exchange Server. We are Exchange migration experts.


  • Microsoft Windows Servers: Networking Specialists’ team is experienced in installing and maintaining Microsoft Servers, providing you with the familiar tools your company needs to stay productive. We can help make your Windows servers finely-tuned machines!


  • Telephone Systems: Networking experts make better phone guys! We specialize in VoIP systems that are easier to manage and provide more features than traditional telephone systems.


  • HP, Lenovo, and Dell Servers and Desktops: Networking Specialists’ team is experienced in supplying and maintaining the best computer products, giving your team the knowledge and the technology to increase efficiency. We are an HP Elite partner in Education.


  • Cloud Services: We’ve partnered with industry leaders like VMware, and Microsoft so that we can provide our clients with the technology that we know will work for your company’s needs.


Networking Specialists is your team of trusted IT professionals. We deliver the expertise you need to leverage technology to boost your company’s efficiency and bottom line. Call (212) 529-2927or contact us below. To learn how you can get started with Networking Specialists.

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